Our Philosophy

We are an independent accessories brand inspired by luxury, simplicity and functionality. We create thoughtfully sourced collections, producing simple, beautiful accessories for everyday life.  As part of the process we consider how each design will be used and where and how it will be worn, believing that products can be long-lasting and beautiful. This philosophy is built into every piece we make. Through our collections we offer style, quality and understated luxury with designs that transcend seasons and really do make every day life easier.

Established in Sussex in 2017 HOPEFUL is becoming known for its thoughtful, contemporary design and commitment to sustainability, ensuring each item is of the highest quality and ethically produced. Working from our studios in Sussex, our designs are individually created and then briefed to specialist factories in the UK, with a similar ethos to our own, who have been producing both leather goods and fabric bags for hundreds of years. 

We are proud to state that our products are wholly designed and made in the UK and as such that HOPEFUL supporting the re-growth of the British textiles industry. Striving to minimise the environmental impact of our business, we adopt micro-manufacturing which is โ€˜manufacturing of products in small quantities using small manufacturing facilitiesโ€™. This allows us to easily monitor the environment our products are developed in and minimise our carbon footprint and ensures we have complete control over the design process guaranteeing the quality of our products. We are equally aware of the social and environmental issues faced by the industry and can assure our customers that every stitch in our production is made by a person who works in a safe environment, is paid a fair wage and treated with respect. 

Please do contact us on if you have any further questions alternatively. You can also sign up to our mailing list to find out more about events and latest launches. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dominique & Liz x